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Seriously, we cover a lot of services!

Most of our designers and developers have been working commercially since 2002. In this time we have been fortunate enough to work on a huge range of projects covering a large variety of services. Take a look at just a few of these below.

Games, applications, third party controller integration, events, kiosks and more!

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Anything digital applies

There is only so much we can include on our website so if there is anything we haven’t included, then get in touch as we may have tons of experience in that area. Our developers have worked regularly on games, promotions, applications, touch screen kiosks, e-learning, animations, and much more.

Take a look through the content below or get in touch with us directly.


From recreating retro classics to developing completely new games, we can offer game development to fit your requirements. Typically most of our games are developed for events combined with third party controller integration; however they are also used for promotions, data collection and link baits. For events Flash is still a very viable solution, but online games are now created using web based technology.

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Animation & vector

We create a lot of artwork, illustrations and infographics, but also assets for games and applications. Increasingly we create complete vector animations in After Effects for explaining complex concepts in a simple and easy to understand way.

Falkon Digital - cool stuff - Animation

CD / DVD / USB Applications

We develop installable applications with huge amounts of functionality. From integrated video to encryption and licensing, we can link our applications to third party software and online resources to create powerful and useful systems.

We also develop web apps for smart phones and tablets.


Kiosks, touchscreens and events

Creating software for touchscreen kiosks is a powerful way of engaging with visitors, as well as capturing their interests and data. It’s crucial that the software on these machines is optimised to cater for the live enironment of the event.



Although ecards are largely seasonal, they serve a purpose when it comes to being front of mind with your clients/customers at the key times of the year. They are a cost effective and fun way of reconnecting with your customers.