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Digital Marketing

A complete Digital strategy to increase traffic and revenue

With more and more consumers looking online it is important to make sure your website is visible to key decision makers. The best digital marketing strategy puts your business in front of the right people at the right time of their decision making process.

We look at a digital marketing strategy that suits your business and attracts your key demographic; we concentrate on brand exposure, trust, reputation and of course conversions using the most cost effective marketing strategy.

We have a number of digital marketing techniques up our sleeve and can help you choose what is right for your industry and business.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

We have been optimising websites through SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) since 2005 and have adapted as the industry has changed to continuously get great results for our clients. Our on page SEO and Search Engine consultation services not only help your website perform in the Search Engines but also help make your website and brand trustworthy and attractive to visitors.

We look intelligently at your business, competitors and target market to understand the buying psychology that helps us identify the correct keywords for the right kind of traffic that will convert into sales. This combination of high quality traffic and converting traffic gives you the best return on investment.

Falkon Digital - Online Marketing - SEO

PPC (Pay Per Click)

PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns can be incredibly profitable to the right business. We identify the correct keywords for people who are ready to buy (not researchers) and the keywords used by key decision makers and ‘buyers’ so each click is worth a lot more to your business.

By understanding the psychology of the buyer we can track their route to a sale and make the process as easy as possible, increasing conversions and therefore increasing profits. Pay per click is a fantastic Search marketing tool, getting the right message across to the right person we can control every aspect of the buyers path.

Pay per click advertising is not limited to Google, Bing and Yahoo (Search Engines) but also many social media platforms. Pay per click is guaranteed traffic and with the right management team we can decrease your CPA (cost per aquisition or sale).

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Your business may get the right traffic but if your website is not making money then you need to look into optimising your website for conversions. Your website should be a good representation of your brand and a strong sales tool therefore it is important that it generates sales or enquiries.

Instead of assuming a nice website design is working, we look at the data, using various analytics software to track the users pathways and identify stumbling blocks in the buying process.

Depending on whether you have an ecommerce website, a lead generation website or a form heavy website for sign ups, we can help you understand your target audience and improve conversions, and in turn increase profits.

Falkon Digital - Online Marketing - CRO

SMO (Social Media Optimisation)

Social Media is the new word of mouth, word of mouth and recommendations can generate a lot of business and now this word of mouth has moved online to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus, Pinterest, and Instagram (to name a few).

Social Media can be used to increase brand awareness, help build and manage your reputation, keep customer loyalty and generate new business.

There are many options to Social Media Optimisation, from general management to specific campaigns however a clear strategy and ‘voice’ needs to be identified from day one.

We can help you get the most from your social media campaigns, from training, risk assessment, crisis management and loyalty schemes. We look at where your target audience ‘hang out’ and create a social media strategy using those platforms creating content that will be interesting to them.

Content Marketing

Good content is crucial to any website or online marketing campaign. Great content will set you aside from your competitors and win you respect as well as new business.

Online content comes in all shapes and sizes, it can be an informative or funny article well written and easy to share, or an infographic that appeals to your target audience through a fast representation of useful facts or humour. Video content and interactive content is also very popular and can go viral, exposing your brand and attracting new visitors to your website or social media channels.

Content marketing is also a very useful SEO tool and good content can also be used as link attraction gaining more links in a very safe and organic way. Our content is always unique and our successes speak for themselves.


Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a very useful sales tool, it promotes customer loyalty and keeps you front of mind with your customers and clients.

We have been involved in extensive¬†email marketing research, identifying the best times and days to send, creating compelling content that increases opening rates and click through’s to your website, and getting the best design for laptop and mobile conversions.

We use our experience to make email marketing a cost effective sales tool for you, using analytics and campaign tracking we can see how each email marketing campaign has been successful for you.

Falkon Digital - Online Marketing - Email Marketing