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What we do

Full Service Digital Agency

Digital Experts

We’re fascinated by technology and all things digital. When we’re not working on projects we’re doing it for fun in the evenings and weekends, or we’re blogging about it! This translates into everything we do at Falkon Digital, and it’s why our work is always delivered to such a high standard. Click on the links above to find out more about our core service offerings, and if you don’t see what you’re looking for it doesn’t mean that we don’t offer it. It’s always worth speaking to one of our team to find out more.

When we’re not working on projects we’re doing it for fun in the evenings and weekends. We won’t break the bank

Our projects vary tremendously, from working with sole traders to major brands. We’ve worked hard to keep our overheads and costs low so we can work with almost every business. At the very least, it’s always worth getting a quote. You may be surprised.

Work with us

We’re always very happy to discuss your requirements regardless of the project size or the services involved. You can speak to us on the phone, or fill in one of our call back forms and we’ll contact you.

Website Design and Development

Not all websites are created equally…

We will sit down with you and discuss your website needs and budget to put together a plan for a website that will not only be a point of contact but also work in generating enquiries and leads. We design websites for people and more importantly the people you want to promote to. Our in house web design team will produce an up to date based on competitor analysis and research into your target audience to make it appealing to them rather than JUST designing something pretty. We have a lot of experience in usability studies as well as conversion rate optimisation and we use this knowledge and research to build you an initial website that is easy to navigate around and will encourage users to convert on the website, either through lead generation, contact or a sale.

Our web development team are second to none we often use open source platforms such as WordPress and Magento, this is to reduce development hours, however we have many processes when working with open source websites to ensure you won’t just get an out of the box website.

We build all of our websites with SEO and security in mind

As a full service digital agency we have an in house internet marketing team who have streamlined the development process to include SEO best practices and ‘housekeeping’ that many web development companies do not know about or will charge you a lot more to add in. We believe that a good website should be easily crawled by search engine spiders and therefore indexable, if your website is not visible to search engines from the onset it is not performing as a website. In addition to SEO best practices built into your website you can improve your visibility by speaking to one of our team about an online marketing campaign.

Security is a very important factor, whether you are a fortune 500 website with sensitive material or a sole trader who is building a new brand and reputation, the security of your website is very important. We have developed a number of security measures to make WordPress even more secure and depending on your needs have many different solutions for keeping your website and your website data safe.

Magento Ecommerce Websites

The high street is picking up as people are spending more an more money. High street sales are limited to opening hours and more and more people are realising a complimentary online ecommerce store is a great way to increase sales, and for new start ups who want to keep overheads lower an ecommerce website is a great way to push a brand and make sales.

We tend to use Magento, the open source platform, as our first choice base, however, just like wordpress websites your Magento website development will include SEO modifications to the original code and added security. Security is very important for an online ecommerce website as customers will be using the website to make sales. We can give you options to use any of your favourite payment gateways such as WorldPay, Sage Pay or PayPal either referring or on the site using a SSL certificate to ensure added security and trust.

Some people only sell a few products and for this we can recommend other platforms including Jigoshop, we will work out what the best solution is for you and try to work within your budget to design and build you an Ecommerce website that competes with the big boys at a cost you can afford.

Online Marketing

So you have a great website, the traffic is appealing and converts, but you need more traffic!

Falkon Digital can help you devise an online marketing strategy that works, using SEO, PPC, Social media, email marketing, content creation and gamification we can help make your website more attractive to your audience, build your brand and trust in your brand and get direct sales by putting your website in front of the right people.

We are unique that we have in house the skills to do everything from SEO to video production, we have a technical team, a marketing team and a creative team so together we can give you a well rounded online marketing campaign. We don’t do out of the box solutions but use your industry, your competitors and your demographic to work out how best to market to them. Depending on your budget we can come up with a number of solutions that will work best for you getting you a ROI (Return on Investment).

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