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Video Marketing

Building powerful online video content strategies to get the edge over your competitors

Video Marketing

Video Marketing isn’t just paying for your video to be seen, video marketing starts before you have even begun video production…

As specialists in video marketing, we can help your brand utilise the fastest growing medium to educate, engage and earn!

Video marketing isn’t just filming a video and posting online, you need strategy, story, script, music, keyword research for YouTube optimisation and much more.

Watch our Introduction to Video Marketing:

Cross Platform Video marketing

We can help you gain exposure and get conversions using a video marketing strategy that starts with a concept and ends with conversions.

Cross platform video production and supporting content are all necessary for a successful video campaign, whether your primary goal is awareness, education, sentiment or conversions we understand the way each platform uses video and which audiences will engage best with your brand.

3 reasons to consider video marketing

YouTube Optimisation

With over 5 billion videos being watched on YouTube every day, YouTube is an untapped marketing resource. If you are producing video content you can reach new and impressive audiences with the right YouTube optimisation.

Falkon Digital can help you with your initial content strategy and delivery, help identify keywords and traffic sources to build your following but also get video views on this powerful platform.