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Creating amazing visuals and professional video content for your websites and marketing campaigns

Photography and videography services

Is your brand missing something?

Professional Video and Photography can improve brand sentiment, SEO performance and improve conversions.

We have a 3 step process to help you get images and video content that will work for YOU!


Brand Videography & Photography

Audience Research – we research your ideal audience, where they are most likely to see the videos, what messages they want and how we can engage with them successfully.

Storyboard -Based on the audience and placement we develop a storyboard which includes editing pace for the video to keep users’ attention, key messages based on the end goal (ie sales/leads, follows, improved brand sentiment, brand education). This will be a loose storyboard and potentially include a script or casting requirements that we send to you for approval and amendments.

Creative Brief and schedule -We write up a creative brief where we list resources we need such as locations, actors, dates for the shoot and a final deliverable. We include the final placements such as website, social media or dedicated platforms and any versions that will be edited to increase engagement on specific platforms.

Video Production

The day or days of the filming will be planned in advance and be detailed in the creative brief, this will include arrival times for models or actors and stylists as well as photographers and videographers who will arrive to set up  Any scripts will have been sent to actors beforehand to use, any questions will have been sent to interviewees.

On arrival our team will do a check of the location areas and sign off the areas needed based on the creative brief. Our team are experienced and are used to being able to adapt to any unexpected changes, if this is the case we will make amends to the brief to fit before we start filming or photography for a high quality end result.

We provide our own lighting and sound equipment unless we need to hire extra which will be detailed in the creative brief.

On the shoot we will check with yourself either on location or over a call/video call to ensure you are happy with footage and images pre edit.

Video editing and Post-Production

Video and Photography editing – Once we have the footage and raw images we will edit the content based on the agreed guidelines in the creative brief, for video editing we will add music, titles, sound effects, transitions and B roll footage as agreed prior to filming.

First Draft – A first draft of the video is sent for you to approve based on the creative brief. Any changes can be sent back at this point. If we are creating multiple videos for eCommerce video once the first video is signed off the rest will be edited in the same way for consistency.

Sign Off – Any changes have been made, you’re happy with the outcome, and the video(s) has been signed off.



Content is King, but when a picture tells a thousand words, imagery is the most effective way of getting your brand message across.

Falkon Digital has the inhouse Photography and Videography resources so you don’t have to outsource to a company to just point and shoot. With us we can help you with every step of the way making sure your photography and videography is fit for purpose, whether this is eCommerce product photography, social media imagery, or a video campaign, by understanding the full strategy and potential placements we can art direct the shoots to get the best results, saving time and money.

Videography for Digital

Our in-house videographers use our own video production equipment to film 4K standard video, we have the latest video, lighting and sound equipment for a professional end result.

We also have 3 in house video editors who use Adobe Premiere and Adobe Action Effects to edit your video to the highest standards.

Whether you are looking for an animation, a talking head video, or a promotional video with a narrative you can work with us to create a video that fits in seamlessly with your video marketing strategy.


Brand Photography

Photography is key to your website design, your social media strategy and email marketing, even a good web design can fall short without good photography.

Using experienced photographers such as our team means you are safe in the knowledge that we will get the images you need. If we are doing product photography we can also advise on marketing styles so we can do a shoot that gives you product photography for the website but also social media, hero banners and other placements many inexperienced photographers will not anticipate.

We understand the end use, so will create compositions that allow space for calls to actions, or we will demonstrate placement that will appeal to the correct demographic.

We have the latest DSLR cameras and equipment for location photography, editorial, product and commercial photography.