Autocab - Falkon Digital


What we did: High-level programmingMulti-lingualParallax ScrollingResponsive DesignWeb DesignWordpress
Project Overview:

Although the international Autocab website may appear simple at first, this was a hugely complex web build. It is a single page website that makes use of parallax scrolling to present a lot of information in a simple and intuitive way. It is also fully responsive, working on desktop PCs, latops, tablets and smartphones alike. A key component of the site is that it is also multi-lingual for the different countries and languages. All of this needed to be content managed, and done so in a way that was easy for the client to administer long-term.

Additionally, a geo-ip plugin was used to detect the user location. This serves to automatically redirect the user to the correct part of the website. If the location was unclear, or the users IP was hidden then they are presented with a language selection. The user can change their language settings at any time using the provided drop down.