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Movember 2013

Movember 2013

Falkon Digital Movember 2013 Charity Page

Raising money for men’s health charities

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In 2011 Falkon Digital took part in Movember to raise money for men’s health charities, including support for prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health.  After spending 30 days with hairy upper lips, we all agreed that we were glad we had done it, but swore never to do it again! However here we are again in 2013 ready to “tache up” for an undeniably good cause.

This year three of us are preparing for some serious facial growth, with support from two of our “Mo Sistas”.  Every week day in November we will be adding progress photos below to keep everyone updated.  Keep coming back to see how we’re getting on.  To make a donation, simply click on any of the donate buttons on this page which will take you directly to our team page.

Scroll down to see the update photos of Luke, Steve and Rob.

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Last time Luke took part in Movember he thought it was going to be easy. Little did he know that November 2011 was going to be a hugely busy month for meeting new clients, and there were many times he wished he didn’t have to meet other professional business people for the first time with a half grown moustache.

Because of Luke’s attachment to a goatee he’s had since his early 20’s, his biggest fear this year is that he’s going to look like a Musketeer (again) and scare young children.  He is opting for “the undercover brother” moustache from the Movember style guide.  Luke says:

“We were planning several family photographs in November, so my family were really pleased to hear I would be sporting some fuzzy upper lip hair.”

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Steve was infamous for dressing up as an “Umpa Lumpa” during Movember 2011 for a fancy dress party, which included a bright orange face, green hair and a white moustache (please enquire for pictures!).

Steve is opting for “the trucker” from the Movember style guide and is hoping to grow an even thicker moustache than he did previously.  Steve says:

“Despite my patchy facial hair, I’m always up for a challenge even if it involves looking like a 50’s PE teacher for 30 days.”

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This is Rob’s first time taking part in Movember, and it seems as though he’s really looking forward to it!  We’ll see if he still feels the same way around day 10.  Rob’s biggest fear about Movember is that he won’t actually be able to grow a moustache, admitting that he is fairly hairy everywhere except for his upper lip.  When he told his girlfriend, her first response was “do you have to?” as they are going for a posh weekend away in mid-November.

Rob is opting for “the wisp” moustache from the Movember style guide, also known as the “pencil”. Rob says:

“If anyone sees food stuck in my moustache, please let me know.”

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Sadie Sherran

Sadie is taking part in Movember as a “Mo Sista”, which is a crucial role for supporting the Mo Bros and stopping them from ending it all with a razor in their darkest moments during the 30 days.  Most importantly she will lie convincingly with comments such as “you don’t look that bad” and “I’m sure the client won’t notice” to keep our spirits up.

If Sadie could grow a moustache, she would grow “the connoisseur” from the Movember style guide due to the fact that she once watched an episode of Poirot, and she was impressed by his wine drinking skills.  Sadie says:

“I’m most concerned that I will beat the boys hands down with my moustache growth.”