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Digital Marketing

A complete Digital strategy to increase traffic and revenue

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the most cost effective way of getting brand exposure and sales in 2018.

Whether your business will benefit from Video Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email marketing, Voice search or a multi-platform strategy we can identify a digital marketing solution that gets results based on your budget and target audience.

Traditionally we have always been proficient in technical on page SEO, however as SEO has evolved so has our approach to digital marketing and organic SEO not fits into a much more comprehensive marketing strategy.

We research and evaluate your brand and target audience to devise a strategy that will work for you, this may include organic SEO, it may include influencer marketing, it may be focused around paid social media advertising, but we look at the ways in which we can apply our digital marketing expertise to get you the best return on investment.

We look at ways in which you can improve customer retention and loyalty, as marketing to warm leads is very cost effective, we also look at the audiences you should be reaching out to, those who will love your products and services as much as you do and find ways to get your content in front of them.

As we have developed as a digital agency so has our specialisms, having a good knowledge of digital marketing we identified in 2011 the need for video and have been producing and marketing videos before it was popular. This gives us years of experience in YouTube optimisation and data on how video can increase click-through rates on ads, engagement on social media and conversions on landing pages.