Video Marketing latest - New Video testing tools in YouTube Studio Beta

Video Marketing latest – New testing tools in YouTube Studio Beta

By Falkon Digital on February 21, 2019

YouTube’s Studio Beta has released A/B Split testing, could this be the feature to get marketers and creators to switch over from classic video analytics?

For many video marketers and creators that use the YouTube platform, they are still conflicted between using the “Classic Studio” and the new “Studio Beta”. For those that are familiar with the Classic studio, the new Studio Beta, while much nicer in terms of design, initially feels less intuitive to use and upsets the workflow that they have been familiar with for so many years. However Studio Beta does offer some new and exciting insights within the analytics data that the Classic Studio doesn’t. One of the most powerful tools that creators have wanted for years is understanding CTR to help understand the performance of video thumbnails, and Studio Beta now provides this data.

For many people, this was a huge game changer and enabled them to finally understand and confirm what they had speculated about for years. From this data alone they can see how the titles and thumbnails of their video impacts the overall CTR of their videos. If you saw Falkon MD Luke Sherran’s talk at BrightonSEO this year, you will know just how important your titles and thumbnails are when it comes to your overall success on YouTube. If you missed it, you can see it below.

The new Video Analysis feature we’ve been waiting for

So as you can see, the data provided by Studio Beta is really powerful, but it’s about to get even better. Video Marketing expert Derral Eves recently reported from Vidcon London about a behind the scenes meeting with a YouTube employee. Apparently, in the next few weeks, YouTube is expected to roll out an integrated A/B split testing feature within Studio Beta. You can see the video below.

A/B split testing in YouTube

We have been performing analysis of thumbnails and titles in YouTube for years, and A/B split testing their performance. We have done this a number of different ways, using tools like TubeBuddy and even setting up specific video ad campaigns to get the data. However, having an integrated tool that works within the existing analytics dashboard in Studio Beta would be a really significant change. It would empower a lot of video creators with the data they need to constantly improve their title and thumbnails, and increase their overall reach and success on the YouTube platform.

We’ve been excited about the prospect of this for a long time, but we’re a little dubious about the feature appearing in the next few weeks. We’re happy to wait though knowing that this is not only in development, but hopefully coming soon!

Also remember that Luke & Sadie are running the video marketing training course at BrightonSEO in April 2019, which includes a whole section on how to optimise and test the performance of your video thumbnails.