YouTube Studio - Improved Metrics & New User Insights

YouTube Analytics Studio – Improved Metrics & New User Insights

By Falkon Digital on March 19, 2018

We like to keep up to date with everything that is going on in Video Marketing, especially YouTube, we also love analytics so when we heard about the improved Analytics and user insights in YouTube Analytics Studio we couldn’t wait to share it with you.

YouTube Analytics Studio Comes Out Of Beta

Since June of 2017, YouTube has made it know that they were in the process of re-vamping their Creator Studio – the dashboard through which many Video Content Creators managed their video channels. Since then, users have had the opportunity to try out and give feedback on various iterations of the updated version as it went through development.

The new tool, ‘YouTube Studio’ is now ready for release and will start to become the default dashboard for videographers to manage their videos. There will, however, still be the option to return to the ‘Classic’ version for those not ready to make the change straight away.


So what’s new?

The new YouTube Studio dashboard isn’t just a redesign of Creator Studio, there are a number of important improvements to allow video creators to better understand how their content performs, optimise your content and present the information most likely to be useful and relevant, without you having to search for it.


One of the new metrics available for YouTube Creators is the number of ‘impressions’ a particular video has generated. An impression gives you an indication of reach, by telling you how many times the thumbnail of your video was displayed within YouTube in response to user activity. There are a number of rules governing what counts as an impression – fully displayed thumbnails count, partially displayed thumbnails (less that 50% visible) do not. Typically, thumbnails outside YouTube itself, or those which have been displayed for less than a second won’t count towards your video impressions either (embedded videos, videos in emails etc).

Impressions Click Through Rate

Another new metric for YouTube Studio is a logical extension of the impressions metric. Withing the new dashboard, you’ll be able to see a comparison between how many times your video thumbnails were displayed, versus the number of times a user clicked on them, giving you valuable information about the attractiveness of your thumbnails to your audience.

Unique Viewers Across Devices

The unique viewers metric, as the name suggests, provides an indication of how may different people have seen your videos (as opposed to just the total number of views). YouTube also aims to identify people across their devices, so that a user who watches your video on their phone, then watches on their desktop, whether it’s the same video or another of your videos, will still only count as a single viewer.

The upshot of this is to give you an idea of the ‘real’ reach of your content, rather than having your metrics skewed by your ‘superfans’ (like your friends and family) who’ll no doubt watch all your videos multiple times.


With new YouTube Analytics tools at our disposal….

At Falkon we’re huge fans of YouTube and we’ll be taking advantage of the new tools to further improve the reach and relevance of both our own Falkon Digital video channel (don’t forget to subscribe) and the channels of our clients.

With video content being increasingly important across the whole gamut of social channels and the internet in general, we take great pride in being at the cutting edge of video content creation and strategy.

To find out how video content can boost the visibility and perceived relevance of your business, get in touch with us and see what Falkon can do for you.