Wordpress the World Conquering CMS Hits a Major Milestone

WordPress the World Conquering CMS Hits a Major Milestone

By Falkon Digital on March 16, 2018

WordPress – All things to all people

If you know anything at all about the internet, chances are you’ve heard of WordPress. The ubiquitous content management system has long been the go-to platform for anyone looking to establish a web presence. Straightforward enough for a novice to be able to pick up the basics, but powerful and versatile enough to be able to handle the most demanding of highly complex supersites.

This week, the W3Techs survey company reported that WordPress has hit a significant milestone by recording that the CMS now powers 30% of the world’s top ten million websites and in terms of growth, is recoding uptake around five times faster than the next fastest growing CMS; Squarespace.

With a little over half of all websites using a content management system of one form or another, this means that WordPress’s CMS market share is just over 60%, making it nearly 10 times more popular than Joomla, WordPress’ next most popular rival.


Why is WordPress so popular?

Probably the most attractive feature of WordPress is its flexibility. It’s easy to get into and infinitely customisable. For those cutting their teeth, a basic site can be set up quickly and cheaply using ‘off the shelf’ themes and plug-ins, but for those wanting a high performing business site, a skilled developer can delve beneath the surface and create practically anything and to any specification within the same system.

Created fifteen years ago by Matt Mullenweg and Stockport resident Mike Little, WordPress started out as a platform just for bloggers, but over the years and through continual and incremental updates, the system has evolved into the all-encompassing platform it is today. An open-source platform, supported, updated and championed by an international army of passionate users and developers, WordPress’ core is continually updated, improved and contributed to by it’s most ardent advocates the world over leaving it greater than the sum of its parts.


Why we love WordPress

The simplicity of the WordPress CMS disguises the complexity and versatility that’s evident once you scratch beneath the surface. Websites are like business suits. While it’s possible to buy something ‘off the peg’ which ‘sort of’ fits, if you stand next to someone whose tailoring is a bit more bespoke you’ll wish you’d taken a trip down Saville Row yourself. If your competitors’ sites are outperforming yours, perhaps it’s time to upgrade your digital wardrobe.

At Falkon, we don’t rely on third-party themes for our clients WordPress builds. When we’re commissioned to build a website, we assess each business’ needs holistically and code bespoke themes in-house to make sure that the sites we deliver are a perfect fit for each company. While being entirely custom, this is still done within the WordPress CMS so, with our training, you can manage as much as the content yourself as you’d like, or leave it to us to manage all aspects of the site on your behalf. Either way, you’re assured of a site that’s been created and optimised just for you, backed up by the power of this tried and trusted CMS.

If you’re thinking of making the move to WordPress, why not get n touch with us to discuss your requirements.