WordPress 3.4 Update

WordPress 3.4 Update

By Jonathan on June 20, 2012

The latest version of WordPress (3.4) was officially released to the public on 13th June 2012. This release has been given the name of ‘Green’ after the guitarist Grant Green. First and foremost the most noticeable addition to 3.4 is the inclusion on the new theme customiser. This theme customiser allows the user to change the Site Title, Tagline, Navigation and what is displayed on your front page. This is a very quick way of changing the settings of your blog.

Furthermore the theme ‘Live Preview’ has been added the theme chooser. From the live preview the website can be viewed with another theme that is installed. Depending on what theme you are using and the way the theme has been developed you will be able to change more settings such as, heading text colour, background colour, header image and background image. With all of these features it makes editing themes, like twenty-twelve, faster than ever. WordPress also says they have ‘more planned for the theme customiser down the road’, interesting!

Some other nice features to the back end are tweeks to the theme chooser, ability to choose images from the media gallery for custom headers, twitter embedding is also now easier than ever and HTML support has been added to image captions, woo!

From a coding side of things there are always performance and security updates, this update is no exception. WordPress have improved the internationalisation and localisation features, translation and Codex XML-RPC updates. Futhermore WP_Query has been improved by speeding up the time it takes to get all posts. Interestingly we also noticed the Infinite scroll for themes.php and theme-install.php has been included. This is for viewing themes from the backend without pagination, however I predict we’ll be able to tap into this infinite scroll in the future for front end development! Fingers Crossed.

For a full list of changes to 3.4, visit the WordPress Codex for Version 3.4

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