Why Your Brand Marketing Strategy Needs Video Content

Why Your Brand Marketing Strategy Needs Video Content

By Falkon Digital on October 26, 2018

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Advertising has been around for as long as there have been products to sell and video advertising has been around almost as long as moving pictures themselves. From those early days marketing through the medium of video has been regarded as the gold standard in putting products and services in front of an audience. This effectiveness has not been eroded by the decades, instead, the effectiveness has been amplified by refinements in offline and digital marketing techniques, the evolution of video content production and the advent of ever improving technology which allows for far more effective video distribution and more accurate targeting of marketing messages. To the point where video content creation and dissemination is in the hands of just about everyone and is so widely consumed that no brand can afford to leave video production out of its marketing strategy.


Why is Video Content So Effective?

Video works so well, primarily because it engages viewers thanks to its ease of consumption. Given the choice between reading ‘how to’ guide or watching an explainer video, 68% of consumers would prefer the latter to the former. Studies show that consumers viewing marketing content retain almost all of the message, compared to banners, text and static images which yield far less in terms of message retention.

Video Content Is Good For Search Results

It’s well known that Google is the largest search engine by some considerable margin. What’s not so well know is that the second largest search engine is YouTube. Which is owned by Google. Just this alone should be a strong indicator that producing video content needs to be a priority for online marketing. But also consider that having a video on a landing page has been shown to increase conversions by up to 80%, that 57% of consumers say that the trust built by video content gives them more confidence to buy online and that having video content on a website page causes visitors to stay longer, which sends a signal to search engines that it’s a good quality page and should, therefore, rank higher.

YouTube itself has some impressive statistics of its own. On average, there are 300 hours of video content uploaded to YouTube every minute. At any one time, there are around 1.5 Billion users logged in, who watch, between them, 5 Billion videos every day.

Video Content Is Good for Social Sharing

Internet use has moved away from desktop, with more users making use of mobile devices to consume online content than desktop devices. From tablets to smartphones, video content is especially easy to consume ‘on the go’ and 44% of people watch at least five online videos daily. Around 90% of consumers watch video content on their mobile devices and are also more than twice as likely to watch video advertising content on their handheld screens as they are on the next best platform.

All social networks support video and make it easy for users to both watch and to share video content that appeals to them, even if it’s branded content and people are far more likely to pay attention and trust content if it’s shared by a peer and sharing allows such content to fins it’s way in front of the eyeball of people who might not be reached by more conventional marketing. The lesson being that if brands want their content to be widely shared by their audience, they must make the content appealing and entertaining. Brands which don’t have readily consumable video content are clearly missing out on a huge audience.

Video Is Good For Storytelling

The old days of advertising messages being a broadcast are over, the advent of ‘web 2.0’, of social media and of the democratisation of content creation, means that consumers have higher expectations of the content they consume. Consumers want to converse with brands, to interact and to identify with them. No longer is it effective to simply send a message into the world and expect it to work well with your audience. Putting out an old style advert which says “Buy my thing” is far less effective than telling a story about your product or service. Making your audience ‘feel’ something and giving them a reason to send it to their peer group so they can enjoy it too works far better and effectively recruits your consumers as members of your marketing team.

While a picture tells a thousand words, a video can tell a whole story and give the audience a part to play in that narrative.


Isn’t Video Content More Expensive To Produce?

Video doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive to create, although it can be. Most people carry a video recording and production suite in their pocket, however, the quality of production created with a smartphone isn’t going to be of the same standard as that created by a film crew with 4K cameras, lighting, scripts, direction and post production. Better quality content will deliver better results, but naturally, better content requires a larger budget.

Consider that marketing is overwhelmingly shifting to video and has been doing so for quite some time. While there may be a cost to creating, or commissioning the creation of video content, your Brand’s competitors almost certainly have video as part of the marketing content strategy, gaining brand awareness and new business as a result. At what point does a lack of video content start to cost more in lost sales and lost opportunities than it would cost to create?

Although top quality video content may require more commitment in terms of cash outlay, it’s not always helpful to consider video content intended for marketing as a ‘cost’, it’s more helpful and more accurate to consider is as an ‘investment’. The more you invest, the more return you get on that investment.


Invest in the Best Video Content For The Best ROI

At Falkon Digital we’re experts at Video Content creation and video marketing. We’re a YouTube Certified agency and not only do we attend some of the biggest video and marketing conferences in the world, but we’re also regularly invited to speak at industry leading events and conduct training for other marketers on the best uses of video marketing. We’re the agency other agencies turn to.

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