When the Power of the Internet Really Shines Through!

When the Power of the Internet Really Shines Through!

By Steve on February 23, 2012

Power of the internetLast weekend, away from SEO Creative and web design I was visiting my mother with my partner and kids for a couple of days.  My two daughters love Lego, and I still have a “big box” of the golden stuff stored at my mum’s house.  After building numerous ULO’s (Unidentified Lego Objects) with my girls I thought about checking on-line for any instructions to build anything cool and trendy.

After a quick Google I came across The Brick Factory, an on-line directory of user uploaded manuals from old Lego sets.  I went through some of the pages – all around the 1989 era – which made me feel really really old! After spotting a few of the sets which I used to have, I came across an old manual which I know I still had 90% of the bits for.

Behold 6359 – Horse Box and Trotting Rig: circa 1987(!)

Lego Set 6359 - Horse Box and Trotting Rig

Following the available instructions scanned in on-line it took me straight back to my childhood, and the feeling of finding that missing “flat two by two” or “red six by one-er”after going through the box of Lego for 5 minutes was unmistakable; what a thrill! “YES! Found it!

Twenty minutes later and most of the kit was built.  The horse was long gone, and I know the blue harness thing got snapped many moons ago.  But countless rattles of my Lego box and successful Lego hunts later – I had a finished red “Land Rover” and horse box! Yay me!!

And that’s the power of the internet…. I quick 5 minute search on Google and a site set up to save past Lego manuals and I was back to being 8 again. I could never have remembered the instructions to build this kit, and they were long gone in our house hold. (As well as a random Lego builder I am also an instruction follower – anything, step by step, no missed steps, each piece accounted for before the next step!). Without the internet at hand that little minifig would never have got to pull his horse box across the carpet and along the sofa arm again!

God bless the internet, and all who sail in her!


Oh, and my finished model? Now sitting proud on top of a pile of lego, at the bottom of an airing cupboard somewhere in Cumbria ready for the next adventure…

The finished model

For the geeks out there into amateur or professional photography – the above image was taken with a Nokia N8, 1/14s (steady!), f/2.8 ISO250, and a focal length of the lens is 5.9mm.  Image was then tweaked in Adobe Lightroom 3.6 to give it a classic 1987 retro look!