When social media meets real life socials!

When social media meets real life socials!

By Steve on

It seems the people that make up the SEO and Social Media marketing industry are a social bunch in real life, not just on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. There are a number of regional SEO meet ups that happen on a regular basis, with the most active being the Manchester SEO and Brighton SEO social groups. These events were initially just organised as part of active groups on LinkedIn, but now have their own blog and even websites dedicated to discussing the times and locations of the next meet.

These evenings are a good opportunity to meet up with other people in the same industry. You can discuss the latest industry news, techniques that you have found to work well for you or your clients, and even in some cases open up some business opportunities (just because you’re working in the same industry doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a direct competitor – you may offer similar or even complimentary services so you can work together and get the best for your clients).

Although I personally still haven’t attended one of these evenings yet (I’m not even going to try and make an excuse!) I’m pretty sure that the SEO talk only lasts for a few minutes, and then once the beer kicks in it’s just another messy night!

The next Manchester SEO social is on Thursday the 29th July 2010, and starts at Dukes (also known as Dukes 92 in Castlefield). You can visit the Manc SEO website here: www.manchester-seo.org

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