What's Google Got Against The UK?

What’s Google Got Against The UK?

By Sadie on January 14, 2010

The UK SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) have been messed up for months now, with American webistes coming up high in UK browsers. When searching for keywords in a particular location such as the UK, you are searching from a UK ip address and Google should recognise this and redirect to a Google.co.uk page. When you type in the keyword you would expect to see UK websites do a bit better than worlwide companies. This does depend on the industry and keywords.

Recently the UK SERPs have been displaying more and more American companies, even for keyowrds with UK in! This was becoming frustrating for UK SEOers as you try to make your clients site relevant to the demographic but Google just isn’t letting it! Google built its reputation on showing releant websites for particular keywords, by displaying less relevant or spammy sites the user gets frustrated as Google are not providing a very good service.

Having an american company show up in UK Search Engines is frustrating but not the end of the world as it means the user will have to try a few more sites before they find a site they want to stay on.

However it seems Google has disregarded the UK again, if you type in Search Engine Optimisation, into Google uk, Google shows you results for the American spelling, search engine optimization.

These new results are not specific to the target audience, and therefore are not providing a good search engine service to UK internet users. By disregarding UK users and their spelling, Google is not only offending the british culture, but lacking in customer service by giving less relevant results.

There have been a lot of instances since recent algorithm changes and updates that have obviously only been tested in America and not UK, Australia and other British speaking regions as the SERPs have been affected. I hope Google changes this quickly as people will start to get annoyed if they search for SEO Manchester UK and get SEO companies in Manchester, Boston!