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What Is Your SEO Strategy?

By Sadie on March 17, 2017

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What is your SEO strategy? Is it reactive or Proactive? Is it a basic keyword and search engine strategy or is it a cross-platform brand search marketing strategy?

Reactive SEO Vs Proactive SEO Strategies

How did you get into SEO for your website or company? How do you manage your SEO strategy now?

2 key types of SEO strategy are reactive and proactive, which is your style of SEO?

Reactive SEO

Reactive SEO usually comes after the following;

    A drop in rankings
    A major algorithm change
    A drop in website conversions
    A search engine penalty

In short, you are reacting to something negative and search engine optimisation is the fix.

This is not a good SEO strategy! Why?


Reactive SEO means you are constantly chasing your tail, you are always reacting and never looking at the potential, merely putting a band-aid fix over a problem rather than looking for a more innovative and future-proof solution.

Reactive SEO costs the client money, investing in short-term fixes whilst revenue is taking the impact of the loss of traffic and conversions, it is bad for staff morale, both with an SEO company or media agency but most importantly with in-house company staff.

Whilst you are always catching up with the last Google algorithm you may never get ahead of the next one which is inevitably just around the corner.

Proactive SEO strategy

A proactive strategy incorporates a more sophisticated strategy, by being proactive you are always looking into what is coming next, looking at how users and new technology is improving search marketing and putting your brand at the forefront of this. Whilst we can never be 100% sure of Google’s next algorithm updates we can anticipate certain techniques that go against Google’s ethos. Looking at how Google expands as a company helps business owners understand Google’s position.

Google is in a movement towards being a machine learning company, working towards AI is an important part of their newest algorithms and understanding this and how they want sites to rank for users can play a big part in forward thinking search marketing.

Proactive SEO is about the whole search marketing landscape and not just focussing on one way of getting good traffic to the site.

Basic SEO, moving towards more sophisticated Search Marketing

Basic SEO

Basic SEO is the bare minimum you can do to succeed in the search engines, there is little strategy to it and as long as you are abiding by webmaster guidelines you can get relatively good results where you will see a slow increase in search engine traffic from the keywords you are targeting and a few keywords relating to those.

A basic SEO campaign focusses only on a few keywords, making sure your technical SEO incorporates this and is crawlable, plus regular updates and link building/acquisition.

Advanced SEO campaign

An advanced SEO campaign isn’t limited to just Google organic/PPC, it starts to incorporate brand awareness and be more aware of user intent online and on other search engines such as YouTube.

More advanced techniques use creativity to gain brand exposure as well as aquire links, they get fans and followers interested and trusting the brand at a much sooner time in the buying cycle and also utilises friendship networks and referrers/influencers for a wider search marketing strategy.

Sophisticated SEO stragies

More sophisticated SEO strategies use the principals of an advanced SEO campaign but extend over different devices and markets. You are always evaluating and replicating successes whilst looking at each market and device as a separate campaign rather than using a one size fits all solution cross platform.

Black Hat SEO Strategies

There are some black hat techniques that can get you fast and temporary results, we do not engage in this type of SEO as we find the risks are too great of getting a penalty. We also find basic, advanced and sophisticated strategies get better conversions as the techniques also employ digital marketing strategies that are appealing to customers.