What Are Cinemagraphs?

What are Cinemagraphs?

By Lee on March 20, 2017

What are Cinemagraphs? Falkon Digital goes through what Cinemagraphs are and how you can incorporate them into your digital marketing strategy.

We like to keep ahead of digital marketing trends so we can always deliver the best and most forward-thinking marketing strategies to our clients. We have seen a recent growth in the use of Cinemagraphs, but what are they and how can they be useful to a business?


What are Cinemagraphs?

Unlike still photography or video, cinemagraphs are a combination of their best qualities. Good photography and video can immediately create feelings in ways beyond just written text. We can all admit to being drawn into a visually beautiful photo or video whilst searching online. Our attention spans require marketing strategies that get the message and content across quickly.

Cinemagraphs -the evolution of the animated GIF

A cinemagraph is an effective way to tell a story through an image using a looped motion. Cinemagraphs are continuously growing in popularity and have frequently been credited as being a dominating design trend for 2016.

Many global businesses use cinemagraphs in their marketing campaigns for just this reason. Jeep used cinemagraphs in the Super Bowl 50 “Portraits” TV advert. It was certainly a stand out performer amongst the adverts.


Cinemagraphs vs. animated GIFs

Although cinemagraphs can be in a GIF format they’re designed much differently. Traditional animated GIFs display a sequence of frames in a loop, much like a short video.

As an art form, cinemagraphs are different. To make the effects stand out you need to use a masking technique to select the portions of the canvas that you wish to animate. What remains is a still photo with subtle movement.

Cinemagraphs are becoming more popular and are in many ways the latest evolution of the animated GIF. As their popularity continues to grow, we will surely be seeing much more of these across social media creating a viral activity of likes and shares.

Cinemagraphs Vs Video.

The internet today can stream video, yet the animated GIF has withstood the test of time. A seamless, looping cinemagraph can orchestrate a mesmerising and timeless visual message. Compared to video, a cinemagraph can promote your company’s brand or create engagement within just a few seconds. Therefore cinemagraphs can perform better and faster than some video – depending on it’s intended purpose.

Cinemagraphs for your Digital Marketing

Cinemagraphs can tell a story and deliver a message very quickly, this is ideal for audiences who have a short attention span or to create a fast impactful message that will get their attention quickly. Cinemagraphs can be used cross platform and stand out above other forms of media, they can also be used for promotional posts instream ads on YouTube or Instagram sponsored posts as they are quick and impactful.

There’s something beautiful about cinemagraphs. It’s no wonder they continue to capture the attention of the digital world.

When shooting your video footage, use a tripod, visualise the end result, and shoot longer than you expect you need. If your video isn’t stabilised properly the outcome will not be what you wanted.

If you’re interested in experimenting with cinemagraphs for your business contact us today. We can put together an
online marketing strategy and figure out the correct way to incorporate cinemagraphs into your business and marketing strategy.