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Website Design for SEO

By Sadie on January 6, 2012

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Many of our clients come to us with websites that they want optimised for search engines, SEO is an ongoing internet marketing campaign but before you start a campaign the pages need to be accessible to search engine robots. It is much easier if you can incorporate SEO to the website design.

We always design and build our websites to be SEO friendly so even when we are not doing a SEO campaign straight away, the site is easily indexed and found by search engines.

Dynamic sites that are easy to update, fast to load and use SEO best practices will sometimes mean that in niche industries you do not need a lot of ongoing SEO work. In more competitive industries it is essential to have a SEO friendly web design. If your site is not easy to crawl then no matter how good the content and how many back links you will struggle to do well in competitive industries, A common example of this is Flash websites, we love Flash at SEO Creative but it has its purposes and for website it is almost invisible to search engines.

If you are getting a new website design or a design re fresh in the next few months then make sure that it is both user friendly so users will want to use it and buy from you, and search engines like it so users will find you. Combining usability and SEO is not difficult as many of the principles are the same and if you use a website designer that designs with SEO in mind then it could save you a lot of money on a SEO campaign and make you money through the site.