Website Basics - Website audience and goals

Website Basics – Website audience and goals

By Sadie on September 22, 2011

website goals
Before starting the web design process it is important that you have a clear target audience and goal for the website. How can you design a website if you do not understand the purpose of the site and who to aim it at.

Website Aims and Target Audience

GOALS/PURPOSE: Without a clear purpose/goal, the website is likely to fail.  Is it informational, awareness, data capture, selling …

TARGET AUDIENCE: The target audience will affect the design, usability, use of rich media, content, tone of content and much more.  It needs to be clear exactly who this website is for.  For example, if you are developing an ecommerce website for teenagers, you’re working with a much younger demographic  to if you were targeting older people about pnesions.  Another example is whether you’re targeting Business to Business (B2B) consumers or Business to customer (B2C).

MEASUREMENT: What are the KPIs?  Quantity of traffic, number of sign ups, number of sales, etc.  How can these be measured, and are they realistic KPIs?  What have these KPIs been based on?