Website Basics - The web design process

Website Basics – The web design process

By Sadie on September 20, 2011

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The process for developing every website will be different depending on the size of the site, its complexity and the goals.  If you have a relationship with a web/digital agency, they can work with you to create the briefs needed for design and development.

The Web Design Process

There are a few steps that need to be considered in order when you are looking for a good website design or new site to be developed.

CONCEPT: What are the aims of the website, the target audience and how are these aims going to be measured and achieved?

DESIGN/DEV: Based on the brief there will be a design process where flat jpegs of the site design are provided for approval.  These will show exactly how the site is going to look and will show examples of all the key page templates.  Once fully approved, development of the site can begin.  Depending on the complexity of the site, the development process can be quite quick once the designs are approved.

CONTENT: Generally it is content that is the main stumbling block to getting a site live.  As well as being challenging to write, getting it approved at all the various stages can take time.

TESTING & DELIVERY: The website should be previewed on a development server so both the developers and the client can test the site and make sure it is 100% working and fully populated before it goes live.