Website Basics - Flash, HTML 5 and Mobile sites

Website Basics – Flash, HTML 5 and Mobile sites

By Sadie on September 28, 2011

mobile websites


To make your website design more creative, interactive or appeal to a larger audience you may want to think about Flash or HTML 5 components as well as mobile and smart phone websites.


Flash can be an amazing tool.  The days of complete websites built in Flash are virtually over, however sometimes this can be suitable for a microsite.  There are just too many issues with accessibility and compatibility.

However, used correctly it can add lots of interactive elements to your site including powerful applications when combined with databases.


HTML 5.0

One of the things that HTML 5.0 offers is interactive media using web technologies.  As a result it won’t have the same accessibility issues as Flash.  There is lots of potential for HTML 5.0, however it is still a way off being complete.  It is ready to use now, but won’t be finished for further estimated 3-4 years, and unless you have the latest browsers then chances are you won’t be able to render it!



Mobile browsing is big now, but it’s going to be massive for 2012.

Initial searches made using mobile devices, and often followed up using laptops / PCs.  As a result it is important to ensure that your site renders on these devices.  Many sites render without issue, but users become irritated by loading times (especially if on 3G) and zooming in and out to read the text.  Therefore, creating a mobile version of the site is crucial.  If you use a CMS or database driven site, you can create additional stylesheets that automatically detect the device being used and present the site in a different format (so multiple copies of the site aren’t required).