Website Basics - Content

Website Basics – Content

By Sadie on September 27, 2011

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Content is very important for your website, from a SEO point of view as well as a users point of view. You need to promote your products and services with the right content on your website but you also need to keep content fresh to get regular visits.



The content of your site is the most important part.  Users don’t return to beautiful websites with bad content, but they will use a less attractive site with great content!

A good copywriter that regularly creates web content will use best practice techniques for structuring the content, but your web agency should be able to provide guidelines.  These include the correct use of headings, content quantity, keywords, internal linking etc.

Ensure the tone of the content matches your target audience.


Keeping Updated

Getting return visits and additional traffic generation are just a couple of reasons to keep your site updated, and the easiest way to do this is through a news or blog section.  The only issue in the pharmaceutical industry is that getting regular updates can difficult as content needs to be approved by regulatory prior to going live, which can really slow things down.