Website Basics - Analytics

Website Basics – Analytics

By Sadie on September 29, 2011

website anlytics

By adding tools such as Google Analytics or Coremetrics you can monitor the success of your website and make changes to improve its performance. Your website should evolve and improve over the years this way your business can improve through it. With the majority of consumers being online using both computers, laptops, tablets and mobiles you need to adapt your website to keep up with emerging technologies and consumer habits.

Tracking, Goals & Conversions through Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most commonly used and most powerful free analytics packages. It can be used to track a huge amount of information about the visitors to your site, and specific goals can be setup based on your KPIs.  For example, you may wish to track the number of sales on an ecommerce website, and work out the conversion rate of your site.  The same applies for other goals such as the number of user signups or contact forms filled in.

Google analytics can be used to monitor exit pages in which you can experiment with the web design to try to keep more people on the site, you can look at bounce rates and number of pages viewed. All of these areas can help you make sure your design is working. You can also look at refering traffic and search engine keywords to help you budget your online marketing campaigns.