Web Design Tool

Web Design Tool

By Sadie on December 7, 2009


A new web design tool has been released to help web designers in the conceptual stages of the design process. The program, Denim, gives web designers the means to sketch a new website idea at different levels of perfecting from a global site map view to individual detail pages.

The Denim Web design tool is a JAVA application, this means it is compatable for both Windows and Mac, which will be usefull as many web designers prefer Macs but use PC’s in industry. Denim was originally built to be used with pen interfaces, but is still compatible with keyboard and mouse.

The software is made up of a sidebar, a main sketching area and a footer that offers various design tools. The sidebar uses a slider to switch between different levels that are supported by the program, so you can easily switch from a landing page to a product page etc. Web designers can also zoom in or out of the displayed page throughout the design stage, this zoom level can also be modified with the mouse wheel. The basic elements of the toolbox that sits at the bottom of the screen, i to draw objects on the screen, by right clicking you can open up a pie menu giving you options to edit and delete various components. You can also save the design at any stage or exporting to HTML.

I haven’t had the chance to try this¬† new tool on any of my website designs but if you want to try it you can download it from the project page at the website of the University of Washington. I’m not sure if I’m open to it yet as I like to do things the old fashioned way, but if it makes site navigation easier to work out and the whole process a bit quicker then I’m in.