Web Design Knutsford

Web Design Knutsford

By Joanne on March 24, 2010

knutsford web dsign

SEO Creative consider ourselves to be a Manchester SEO and Web design company but in reality we are based primarily in Knutsford. This has a lot of benefits for us and our clients!

A few years ago to do well in business you had to be based in the major creative and industrial cities, like London, Manchester and Birmingham. Nowadays it is getting easier to run a business from more remote areas.

Manchester is a fast growing player in the creative and SEO industry with some talented web designers, developers and forward thinking SEO Consultants. Any one living in the North should be proud of the way Manchester continues to produce creative website designs and excel in SEO practices. Manchester SEO Companies are continuing to beat national companies to large tenders with their fresh talent and concepts.

The downside to Manchester is cost of offices and commuting expenses as living in Manchester city center is starting to compete with London rentals. From this many web design companies have started to branch away from Manchester city centre and set up base on the outskirts of Manchester. Fluid Creativity and McCann Erikson (Manchester) are both situated outside of Manchester but no one would argue that they are big players amongst the Manchester Digital agencies.

This is useful as they are still close enough to be part of the design scene of Manchester but far enough not to have the office overheads and commuting nightmares. There staff are happier as they don’t get stuck in rush hour traffic twice a day, clients are happier as they have less of a markup on overhead costs.

Being based in Knutsford gives us a good advantage as we work in a nice area, we are approximately an hours drive from Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and just over an hour to Birmingham, as well as being only 2 hours on the train to London. We can easily travel to see alll of our clients.

We are not the only web design or SEO company to see the value of setting up in Knutsford as considering Knutsford is a small town, has quite a few digital agencies offering web design services in Knutsford. We are a relatively young company and as we grow we hope to continue to stay on the outskirts of Manchester as the feedback from our staff has meant the working relationship is good. We also pass the savings from not having a big manchester office on to our clients which means our development costs are much lower.