Web design Basics - How are websites evolving

Web design Basics – How are websites evolving

By Sadie on September 19, 2011


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The internet has come on a long way since dial up connections and with faster broadband speeds and more ways to access the internet and website design has evolved significantly over the years.

How are websites evolving?

DESIGN: Thanks to faster internet connections, better computers, larger screen resolutions etc websites are constantly improving.  They offer more vibrant and highly styled designs with rich media.  As more data is collected on how websites are used, the design and structure of the website is catered to the user.

DYNAMIC: Static websites are rare; even the simplest websites tend to be based on a CMS platform.  Almost every website that gets frequent return visits will have dynamic content.

PERSONALISATION: Remembering settings, purchases, browser history etc and providing recommendations. BBC website allows you to edit the homepage to your personal preferences, with the feeds you are most interested in, change the weather forecast to your local settings etc.

DEVICES: Websites now need to cater for a multitude of different PC’s, Macs, laptops, tablets such as the ipad, mobile devices etc.  It’s no longer acceptable to have a splash page with different versions of the site offered as an option.