We Love Manchester

We Love Manchester

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i love manchester


Today people will be flocking to Exchange Square to celebrate Manchester in all of its glory. We are forgetting about which band or football team you support and celebrating the glory that is Manchester the capital of the North. Manchester could easily be described as one of the friendliest cities in the UK, even the Manchester SEO companies that are in competition against each other are still friendly and meet up regularly for a few drinks.

This bank holiday Manchester is kicking off the long weekend with ‘Manchester Day’, less than 3 weeks after the Manchester Riots, the city has pulled itself together showing great spirit and comradery in cleaning up the streets and carrying on with business as usual. The spirit of mancunians is inspirational as even after the city was torn apart by its own, people were not put off and came together to clean it up. Manchester has a lot to be proud of, it is thriving even in the economic downturn, has some of the most creative digital agencies in the UK, has excellent Universities and Galleries and of course SEO companies in Manchester are world renouned!

I love Manchester Portland Square

This celebration of all things Manchester related was kicked off last night where the ‘I loce Manchester’ Logo was displayed on buildings around Manchester, and tomorrow see’s Manchester Pride day where the Gay community will be out and proud! So if you are Mancunian and proud then you may want to go down to Exchange Square today where bands will be playing between 4 and 6pm today.

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