We Love Blogging

We Love Blogging

By Sadie on

Blogging has come a long way since it was used as an online diary for people to vent their anger or express their feelings , although it is still used for this in some cases. Now blogs are at the center of most online marketing campaigns, you can update your site easily and use Social media such as Twitter or facebook to link back to your blog, so whats the big deal?

Although putting your blog onto your site will help your online presence it won’t happen on its own, there is no point having a blog if you are not going to update it. This is the same with facebook and Twitter these things take work to do well and get results.

Many people forget that Facebook and Twitter should really be directing people back to your blog and also your website, and as you can see instantly on your Facebook fan page or Twitter page how popular you are it is easier to justify the time spent.
But all of this can gain so much more value from the blog, by blogging regularly (ideally every day) you show your followers they can rely on you to keep them updated with interesting news and posts. Some people will subscribe to you through the RSS feed and look forward to your posts. Occasionally blogging is better than none at all but it will not help you stand out from the crowd.

Blogging regularly can help you grow as well, as it forces you to think of something to say, makes you question your techniques, and ensures you keep up to date in your own industry news. By posting information, articles and opinions your readers will be more likely to engage with you and join in the conversation. By responding to comments you build up trust with your readers which may turn into enquiries.

Building an online presence and community takes time and commitment, it doesn’t happen over night but by regularly bloggin you will increase your online presence as well as become an authoritive resource for readers, this may be potential customers or even industry peers.

Blogging every day also has a SEO advantage, by keeping the site up to date you encourage Google bots to re visits the site as they need to have an up to date cache of the site. This leaves your site fresh in Google’s eyes when placing you in the SERPs. Google has a reputation to have up to date content appear in their searches and you can’t get much more up to date than content written that same day. This is partly why sites like the BBC do so well in the Search engines.

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