Ways Social Media can work for you

Ways Social Media can work for you

By Sadie on

We often get asked about making social media work for businesses, should you be using social media and how to get it working to the best of your ability.

There a re a few simple methods in which Social Media Optimisation (SMO) can be used for most businesses whether your focus is online or not.

Brand Management
– SMO can be used to monitor and control your brand reputation. By keeping up to date with mentions you can monitor enitment. Sentiment is analysing whether a comment is positive or negative. If a comment is positive you can pass this on or promote it, even using it as a testimonial with a benefit for the original author. If the comment is negative, you can respond accordingly to stop this bad press quickly and even use it as a learning curve to improve the way your business works.

Customer Service
– Many companies use SMO to communicate with customers easily and quickly, social media is very much about conversations and communication and by having a social media presence you make your company more approachable. You can in turn use social media to converse with customers or potential customers based.

Google – With many social networking sites, blogs and micro blogs being featured in Google you can add additional presence for your brand name. With SMO you can dominate the top 10 places for your company name or product name, this can also be a good way of knocking out any bad press or reviews as part of a larger reputation management strategy.

Product Launches – SMO can be used to release new products or services, the whole point of Social media is communicating news and fresh ideas therefore it is the ideal platform to launch your new products and services. This can spread to much wider audiences as Social media has great capabilities of sharing (for example Twitter ReTweets).

These are just a few ways that social media can work for you and your business, however, it is always good to adapt a social media strategy based on your business, your goals and will reach your demographic.

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