Wacom bringing out something new?

Wacom bringing out something new?

By Luke on August 24, 2011

wacom something new

For all the designers and illustrators out there, at one point or another you will have used a WACOM product. In fact, you’re probably using one now! We started off from humble beginnings using the WACOM Bamboo, and have slowly worked out way up to the Intuos 4, with dreams of aspiring to the Cintiq range. For non-designers or people not familiar with the WACOM range, that probably doesn’t mean a whole lot, but basically WACOM are very good at what they do (producing drawing/sketching tablets) and no other brand comes close in my opinion.

So there was a little buzz in the SEO Creative office this morning when we heard on Twitter that WACOM are releasing a new “secret” product. Thye have a page setup on their site, which you can view here:

Something new from WACOM

There are 7 clues being revealed over the next few days, 2 have been divulged already including:


Interesting. So, what do we think it is? Well we were a bit thrown by the fact that the first clue is that it’s “not a tablet”. We then found another clue; a link to the WACOM eshop where the “new thing” can be bought online for €169,90. Next to this is a sketch created by Emmanuel Di Giacomo using the new thing (see below):

wacom new thing sketch

So what the hell is it? It’s not a tablet, and although quite pricey, it’s relatively cheap compared to their tablet range. We had lots of guesses this morning, but the best we thought of was and independent WACOM pen. In the higher range tablets, all the pressure sensitivity is in the pen and not the actual tablet so it seems possible that this could work somehow (although the tilting angle would perhaps be lost). Maybe this pen could somehow connect with a app for the iPad in competition with SketchUp etc. Who knows, but hopefully we’ll find out soon and it will be something worth getting excited about!?

*** UPDATE 30th August 2011 ***

Well we were kind of close! The new WACOM product has been revealed today as the “Inkling”. No, it’s not an iPad app as we had thought, but infact a portable ball point pen that allows you to sketch directly onto paper, and it saves the sketch as a vector based graphic that can be transferred onto your PC for use in Photoshop, Illustrator or SketchBook. I know what you’re thinking… holy crap! Sounds awesome right? It looks even better; just check out the video…