Visit Altrincham Website

Visit Altrincham Website

By Sadie on June 11, 2012

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Today SEO Creative launched a new website to try to encourage more people to spend money in Altrincham and the surrounding areas, Altrincham used to be a vibrant town with lots of great independent shops, but more recently these shops have been struggling to keep their doors open.

We decided we wanted to do something to help and use the skills we had available to us, web design and development. There are lots of people in Altrincham who are community spirited and would like to spend money in the town but they don’t know where all the great independent shops are. We decided the best way to help people find businesses and service providers in Altrincham would be to build a community website and business directory, this will be a hub for anyone wanting to buy locally and makes it a lot easier to find what you want.

The website went live today and offers local Altrincham people a platform to showcase their business, promote events and list their business, they don’t need a website to be listed as we have a Google Maps integration so all we need is your name and address if necessary.

We have been promoting the idea through social media on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest and have had some great feedback over what we are doing. We hope Visit Altrincham will become a great resource and help encourage more and more visitors to the area all wanting to put more money into the local economy.

Take a look your self and go to and get involved.