Viral Seeding

Viral Seeding

By Joanne on April 20, 2010

viral seeding

A good way to build links and promote your website or a campaign is through a good Viral Video or Flash Game, but you cannot just produce the game and expect it to do well on it’s own, you need to do some Viral seeding.

Web design companies aswell as SEO’s in Manchester and the Northwest have started to see the value in a Viral campaign and although we offer Flash game development and Video filming many companies use SEO Creative just for Viral Seeding and online promotion.

Viral Seeding

The concept of a Viral is it gets passed on naturally as people like is and share it with their friends,and Viral seeding is a way of organically promoting a campaign to help it go Viral. It is a brilliant technique used for online marketing and can really give your business and website a lot of exposure.

A good concept will have the potential to go Viral but without certain level of exposure it will be limited. To really promote the viral you need to look at the demographic and profile the online circles that would respond well to the content in the Viral.

From profiling the blogospheres and KOI’s (Key Online Influencers) you can engage with them and see if they like the Viral enough to publish it. You have to approach this carefully as many of these KOI’s will get a lot of requests and you need to appreciate this when making contact.

SEO Creative does not just rely on these KOI’s to distribute our Virals but we have a number of Video networks and Flash game networks that get a high level of traffic, meaning the Viral will be exposed to more people, and if you have a particular demographic you want to promote too we can tailor the campaign to them.

We can also use social networks to help promote your viral campaign, with promoted tweets and Facebook advertising you can guarantee a good spread and even define who it goes out to. However this kind of seeding is more forced and is less likely to go Viral naturally.

A seeding campaign also consists of sentiment and momentum tracking as it is important that any bad comments (if damaging to the Viral spread) are nipped in the bud. We often put targets in place to guarantee a certain amount of exposure at a minimum but with the nature of a Viral they do have the potential to reach millions of people.