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Video of Fedex worker throwing packages goes viral

By Falkon Digital on July 30, 2013

Fedex are currently going into reputation management damage control, after a video of an employee throwing packages into the back of a van went viral. The video was secretly filmed from behind the wheel of a vehicle parked directly behind the Fedex van, but clearly shows the employee’s complete lack of respect for the parcels as they are tossed to the very back to make space.

Key moments in the video show the employee using an overarm throw to get some extra distance on the packages, as well as showing another person the “proper technique”. There is even a thumbs up after his throw in acknowledgement that he did it right. Let’s just hope there wasn’t anything fragile in those boxes!

The video quickly had thousands of views online, and spread like wildfire across social media with many users outraged by what they had seen. As I write this post it has had over one million views just on YouTube having only been uploaded on Wednesday last week.

The video was eventually picked up by a local news team and has now been broadcast on TV. Fedex have released a public statement in response to the video, but you can only imagine how much money this could end up costing the company. It goes to show the power of social media in the digital age, and how the actions of one person can be seen by so many in just a short amount of time.