Video marketing: Give us a minute, we'll give you the world

Video marketing: Give us a minute, we’ll give you the world

By Falkon Digital on January 22, 2018

60 seconds of video marketing – what can video achieve in 1 minute?

It’s an oft-spoken idiom that Google loves original content and nowhere is this more apparent than in content delivered via video.

In recent years, video marketing has been touted as being the ‘next big thing’. However, this is no longer the case. Video IS here now, it has been for a while and it’s just as big as was promised. If you don’t have a video marketing strategy, then you’re already missing out.


Video has taken over the internet

With broadband being readily available and mobile devices becoming able to display and stream high-quality video content without interruption even without wifi, there’s no impediment to people watching videos whenever and wherever they choose. Rather than clicking through pictures or squinting at text, information delivered via video content is more readily assimilated and more compelling than by any other means.


The proof is in the numbers

The statistics speak for themselves. Five and a half million Facebook videos are watched every minute. Nearly as many are watched (4 million) on YouTube over the same period.

It’s been shown that by simply having a video on a websites landing page, conversions can not only increase by 83%, but that site is more likely to show up in a Google search too.

The impressive conversion figures could well be attributed to the increased trust customers have for brands who use video in their marketing (an increase of 58%) and the use of such videos have a direct influence over their decision to buy. In fact, 73% of customers will buy after having watched a video.

Marketing on social media is all about visibility, reach, engagement, click through rate and ultimately, conversions. Video marketing has been shown to be unrivalled in achieving all of this and more.

Still reading? Many wouldn’t be! Check out the video above if you haven’t already and ask yourself if you preferred the information presented to you in the above paragraphs better as a video or as prose. Which had more impact? Which was more immediate? Which spoke to you better?


What next?

If your brand doesn’t have a video marketing strategy in place, you’re likely to be keen to get one implemented straight away and we’d certainly encourage you to do so.

At Falkon, we take great care to keep ourselves on the cutting edge of video marketing strategy and content creation. Regularly attending the best international industry events, we pride ourselves on keeping our knowledge current and our output creative.

Get in touch and find out what video marketing can do for you and your brand!