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Verified SEO

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verified seo
There has been a lot of discussions and arguments about a company that claims to audit verified SEO’s, the site where SEO companies will pay $99 a month to become a verified SEO. They will need informaiton about your clients and in turn you get a badge to prove you are a legitimate SEO.

There are a lot of companies around who do give SEO’s a bad name, and many more respectable SEO companies would love for some way to show prospective clients that they are reputable. The problem with the verified SEO site is that a governing body needs to be un biased, but as soon as you pay money this loses its credibility.

When, the site went up, the SEO community were confused, no one had heard of these people and the SEO community have a number of respectable social rock stars who we would all respect enough for this job. So who were these guys?
They then added you had to pay $99 a month to be a verified SEO, this is very similar to TopSEO’s where if you pay enough you will get in. This is great for companies with large profits as customers don’t always realised these are paid for sites, but from a peer to peer point of view no one cares.

The problem with verifying SEO’s is it is difficult to implement across different countries, and monitoring and testing this is very difficult. For a site like they asked for client information and money – this is worrying as it is unclear what they are going to do with what could be potentially confidential information and demanding up front payment always makes you think scam.

The site has now been taken down and I’m not sure if this was genuine, link bait, or an early April fools joke but it definately stirred things up!

Search Engine Optimisation is much more than just link building and keyword density, it takes skill and years to get the experience and insight into what you are doing, you also have to be flexible to the changes and good at working things out. Not all trading SEO’s have this experience and at the moment many web designers are offering SEO as a service because they know people want it – not because they know what they are doing!

Having some sort of governing body in SEO, like passing the Bar for a lawyer may be a good way of separating the good from the bad SEO’s (so to speak). But as mentioned it would be very difficult to put in place, this would have to come from a respected source/sources in the SEO industry and the criteria would need to be thought through carefully. This then being put across the world wide web seems a daunting challenge, perhaps we could start locally with Manchester SEO‘s and UK SEO’s but I doubt will happen anytime soon. We’ll leave t to the SEO round table and the SES advisory board.

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