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Valentine’s day statistics for 2014

By Falkon Digital on February 14, 2014

As it’s Valentine’s Day, we decided to create a little infographic based on some 2014 statistics (see below). Although surprised by some of these statistics, a lot of the guys in the Falkon Digital office could relate to some of them! For example 31% of men preferred to buy gifts or making bookings on the day; there’s nothing quite like the exhilaration of leaving it to the last minute! Social statistics were also interesting, showing trends of a 20% increase in photos uploaded when compared to the previous week. 317,000 Facebook users are also expected to change their relationship status to engaged! Watch our for some of these in your news feeds.

There are also some sad statistics too. 10% of people have sent themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day, and 1 in 4 know they are going to break up with their partner after Valentine’s Day. It would seem that this statistic is mainly related to men as 45% would rather stay in a bad relationship rather than be single on this day. Who says romance is dead, right?

You can see all the statistics in the infographic below. Enjoy and spread the love; and remember 88.2% of all statistics are made up…?