Using Flash for SEO

Using Flash for SEO

By Sadie on August 24, 2010


Go to most SEO companies and ask them about Flash and they will inform you that Flash and SEO don’t go! We disagree as Flash specialists Manchester SEO Creative combine good SEO with Flash that will actually help your website, help conversions and help your SEO.

Search Engines see content and links, they are OK with images providing their is a suitable ‘alt’ text however Flash is one area they still struggle with. Google claims to be working towards being able to index Flash but we have seen very little evidence of this being succesful. In fact, if you have a beautiful, creative, and often expensive Flash website, the chances are it is pretty much invisible to Google. You can do certain things to get the site ranking, such as Flash replacement text, adding a blog and a very strong linking campaign, however it will struggle against its HTML competitors.

So SEO and Flash don’t go…. fair enough if the search engines can’t see it what is the point of Flash?

SEO Creative disagree, Flash is a very useful tool that can help your SEO. We wouldn’t suggest you build a website in Flash if you want the site to do well in the search engines, and other SEO’s would agree that Flash components on your website can be beneficial to the design and help conversions, but how can Flash actually help your SEO?

You will hear about how content is King in SEO! This is because of the obvious fact that Google can read good copy, it can set you aside etc etc. But also good content can come in other forms such as video and Flash. Although Google struggles to index other forms of media, especially Flash, users love it! If a user loves it, they will link to it and Google likes links, especially natural links.

One area we havefound very successful for your SEO campaigns are Flash games, these games are easy to use, well designed and often have a brand message within them, addictive and generate good quality links to the website.

Basically good content in Flash will help your site more naturally, this will benefit your SEO as people link to your website but will also help you raise your brand awareness and conversions.

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