Using Data to Create Converting Websites

Using Analytics Data to Create Converting Websites

By Sadie on April 25, 2012

So you have lots of traffic coming to your website, but not getting the sales? Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) could help turn those clicks into quotes!

With the right data you can analyse your traffic and the design of the site to improve your conversion rate. If you use analytics and heatmaps, you can use real data to make informed web design changes that will help your visitors convert. This is Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO).

For most of our campaigns we set up goals and funnels within your analytics to monitor traffic performance, and make changes to the design and content based on the supporting data we find. By identifying paths and exit points we can improve the design to help your website convert better.


There are a number of free and paid for analytics packages around and our favourite at the moment is Google Analytics, however the amount of data Google provides is becoming more and more limited. That being said our team have the knowledge and experience to get as much from these analytics packages as possible, from tests with converting keywords, landing page optimisation, paths to conversion and click through rates on products and services.

By setting up events, goals and funnels and using a number of packages we can identify areas of your site that need work. We can also use split testing on certain pages to test reactions before rolling out sitewide.

Heatmap analytics

We also install additional analytics when starting the conversion rate optimisation process.  This enables us to clearly visualise how users are interacting with the site very quickly.  Over time, this data can be used to help us improve the site usability and conversion rates. Below is a brief example of how we have used heatmap analytics on the SEO Creative website.

Clicks on the old SEO Creative site

Old SEO Creative site

We can’t give away all our research and finding, but from this heatmap we could quickly see how visitors were interacting with our homepage. We could see that the banner was being used a lot but no one was clicking on a lot of our services in the navigation. In particular, some of our core service offerings weren’t being found in the navigation.

Using this information, we redesigned the homepage layout and simplified the navigation. Rather than presenting a visitor with all of our services in one big long top level navigation, we instead presented them with 4 options. They could then find what they were looking for in sub categories from a drop down menu. This increased visits to our core service pages by nearly ten fold!

Clicks on the new SEO Creative site

SEO Creative New

Just some minor changes that did not affect the brand meant more people clicked on our services and we increased our conversion rate from 1.25% to 2.9% (conversions set up as event tracking in analytics a good conversion rate is approximately 2% of all traffic will convert to a goal, enquiry or sale). This achieved wasn’t by simply changing just the homepage, but the same analysis of the inner pages applied.

Scrolling on the old SEO Creative site

SEO Creative heatmap old

Scroll maps can be a very useful tool too. It’s possible to track this with some clever coding using normal analytics, but we really like the visualisation, especially when justifying changes to our clients. The areas viewed the most were just below the banner, not many people were scrolling to the bottom of the page where our latest designs are. Ultimately the page is quite long, and most visitors stayed at the top of the page.

Scrolling on the new SEO Creative site

SEO Creative heatmap new

By adjusting the content, adding a read more button, and reducing the news feed sizes we were able to encourage further scrolling. Rather than over facing a visitor with a vast amount of information, giving them the option to read more encourages them to read in bite size chunks. The banner and the blog are now getting more time spent on them and also more people are seeing the latest design work.

Web design is no longer just about pretty websites, it is important that they convert traffic into sales and people are left with a good opinion of your brand. By using conversion rate optimisation your site can get the most from your traffic. To find out more about how CRO can benefit your website, as well as options for installing visual analytics, get in touch!