Use Video for Online Marketing exposure

Use Video for Online Marketing exposure

By Sadie on October 12, 2011


The Power of Video Marketing

Videos have made an impact online, from adverts that are shown on Youtube to viral videos that started off as a joke and have generated millions of views from all over the world. When you do a search you can often see videos coming up in the search results and this is an indication of how popular videos now are. It is for this reason many businesses are now looking at video as part of their online marketing campaigns.

Smartphones can view videos and posting videos on blogs and your social media platforms is really easy, meaning videos get shared quickly and go viral. A lot of the videos that do particularly well are made so that the user can personalise them to add their photo or name, or a message to a recipient that they may share the video with.


Video and Brand Marketing

One of the most popular videos over the past year that really helped a brand was the old spice advert that refreshed the old spice image with a good looking spokesperson. The video went viral as it was funny and captured peoples attention and people are still talking about it today. This marketing advert was enhanced by its presence online as many people would miss an advert on TV but online it was shared again and again.

Another piece of marketing genius was the Yeo Valley advert that was shown in the first ad break of X factor, this combined satire with comedy and even excellent timing as the advert shows a boy band of farmers singing in a music video that uses the same format as many manufactured boy band music videos. This juxtaposed with the X factor meant not only did it get a lot of exposure but had the added effect of being relevant to the program. Social media on Saturday was lit up with people talking more about the Yeo Valley advert than X factor calling it genius.


Video isn’t always about big budget

Not every business has the budget to produce adverts and videos of that quality to be shown, but being clever and funny means you don’t always have to spend a fortune on a video to get a great result. Many businesses come to us for videos that can promote and event, show off their products and even go viral. If you aren’t afraid to be funny then you can create a great video for your business that is shared by many. We love the human transformer and think this is a great fancy dress outfit if anyone knows where we can get one??

Of course some people can just get lucky and capture a moment on video that is funny or amazing and not easily replicated meaning it goes viral very quickly. Such as the sneezing Panda or the ninja cat…