Use emails to generate inbound links

Use emails to generate inbound links

By Sadie on August 13, 2011

Use emails to generate inbound links

Emails & Inbound Links

Link building is essential to any SEO campaign, whether it is through internal linking, social media, link baits or other forms of natural link building you need to compliment your on page SEO work with off page link building. Links act as votes to your website as they are  directing people to your site from another website and these will help your site win trust from the search engines which will help with your placement in the SERPs.One of the least talked about ways of generating links is email.

Although the best links come from websites as they can be easily crawled by the search engines links from emails and newsletters should not be overlooked as they will direct valuable traffic to your website.

Links on well known websites or popular websites will have a chance of directing traffic to your site However links from an email or newsletter are more specific as these are people who have opted in therefore have an interest in your subject area or your company. As Google are now looking into other factors, such as the quality of sites, the traffic that come to you via an email newsletter are more likely to view a number of pages, reducing your overall bounce rate and making the site seem more relevant. This is as well as the added bonus that email marketing has a good conversion rate and therefore is likely to bring an increased revenue.

Newsletters contain links that are contextually relevant to your website and therefore this added impact to the links in which your website is found. This is why we also encourage article submissions and press releases. You may think this is all fine but Google can’t see the links if they are sat in people’s inboxes? Well to overcome this hurdle it is a good idea to keep an online archive of your newsletter, this can also be useful for users to click and view if they are using an email client that doesn’t display all the information properly. Having an online archive of your emails will mean that the email is helping your SEO campaign for much longer than the original email marketing campaign window.

Email links are one way of generating links however it should not be the only way, you should have a diverse links portfolio to get the best results from your SEO campaign.