Use Adwords to get an Interview

Use Adwords to get an Interview

By Sadie on May 13, 2010

In todays economic climate good jobs are few and far between and even getting to that crucial interview stage can be an impossible task. One intuitive candidate decided to take it upon himself to grab the attention of New York Creative Directors.

Alec Brownstein had the thought that people in important roles in Creative agencies will know the importance of reputation management and Google their own names. Alec decided to find out who the directors were from each agency and use adwords (PPC) to bid on their name. As this is a relatively uncompetitive term it didn’t cost him very much money, however he did get exposure to the top Directors in the industry, got a number of interviews, two job offers and now has a good job.

This kind of initiative is a great quality in an employee and shows an understanding of internet marketing and people who use it. It is a great way to put yourself forward to potential employees and shows initiative, although this worked well as an original concept I can imagine it won’t work many more times as Directors may get sick of seeing PPC ads for their name.

PPC is a great way to control your listings, unlike the natural search engine listings you have more control over the display ads and landing pages so a company can be very sccessful with the right PPC campaign.