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Unconfirmed Google Algorithm Update ‘Fred’

By Sadie on March 10, 2017

fred the fish
Yesterday there were reports of a major Google Algorithm update occurred and is being unofficially called Fred after Googler Gary Illyes’ Fish from a joke tweet. As Google heads towards becoming a machine learning company we expect more and more algorithm updates, yesterday there are reports that a major update occurred.

Yesterday the SEO community started reporting fluctuations in clients traffic that indicated a large Google algorithm update, originally sites with suspect link profiles seemed to be seeing some large drops that are not consistent with seasonality or normal fluctuations we can often see.

Fred The Most Famous Fish In SEO

As this is still an unconfirmed Google update, it is yet unnamed, however, in recent tweets, Googler Gary Illyes joked that every unnamed Google algorithm update will be called Fred, and on this particular update it seems to have stuck and been embraced by the SEO community.

Googler Gary Illyes confirmed that he calls anything unnamed ‘Fred’ but very often tweets about his Fish Fred, whom we are now affectionately naming this recent algorithm update.

Google Update or Updates?

All signs point to a rather big google algorithm update, and the most noise is coming from the black hat community which indicates this is possible a link penalty/update. Penguin is now real time (which is typically regarded as the link and spam update) so another link update is not unrealistic considering the drops from sites with suspect links.

However this is not obvious and there have been a lot of winners where they have seen significant improvements in search traffic, this could be a combination of sites in their vertical being penalised or the algorithm update could be weighted towards other factors possibly even on page or https.

With so many conflicting information from different websites that have different link profiles and site architecture, there is the possibility that this could be a combination of smaller updates to existing algorithms.

The Googlers are being very quiet about the whole situation and have no official response so for now, we can only assume whilst we gather more data.

At Falkon Digital, we keep an eye on what is going on in the industry and as much as possible future proof campaigns for what we feel Google are looking for. As we run SEO campaigns that combine Digital PR and technical SEO we have seen no drops from poor link building or bad site architecture and are monitoring our client’s sites carefully as they see increases in traffic from the latest update.