Twitter launches local trends

Twitter launches local trends

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Twitter has finally made the “local trends” feature available to everyone today. This much talked about feature has been available to a few “Twitterers” for about a week, and should be a great way to follow popular conversations and see local Twitter trends. As a default, the trends is still set on Worldwide, however you can click on the “change” button below to bring up the following popup (see image below):

Twitter Local Trends popup

As well as seeing trends by country (there are currently 7 listed) there are also 15 cities listed indicating that eventually a lot more cities are on the way! I tried a few locations out today, and what was surprising was that there was quite a bit of difference between the trends but there were still one or two that appeared in several cities around the world.

Jenna Dawn of Twitter says:

“”Twitter trends began as a way to shed light on popular conversations. It’s interesting to know that one topic can now spread across the world in real-time, and Trends help us discover which of those topics are paramount on a global scale. As Twitter evolves, and more people share what’s happening in their own world, we want to provide another way for people to discover topics that may be relevant to them.

As Twitter build on this functionality it could be really interesting to find out what everyone is talking about in different locations, and also act as a filter for conversations you’re not interested in. For example, I often hear about episodes of 24 from season 7 from American viewers – not a big issue, but I’m quite far behind on season 5 so it does act as kind of a spoiler! This functionality could also be really useful for journalists and writers that are covering news stories in local areas, and great for measring the impact of local and international marketing campaigns. It will be interesting to see how this develops and how the popularity of local search increases over time.

So far, I’ve seen a lot of comments about it as local trends is infact “trending” quite highly! This is one of my favourites, courtesy of @justAnotherRob:

“Local trends is apparently trending locally on Twitter right now. I’m pretty sure we’re going to make the internet explode.”

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