Twitter Community support #TwitterJokeTrial

Twitter Community support #TwitterJokeTrial

By Sadie on November 12, 2010

The top trending topic on Twitter right now is #Iamspartacus followed closely by #TwitterJokeTrial, this all comes in support of Paul Chambers who has been found guilty of sending a menacing electronic communication.

The good thing about Social Media and SEO is the exposure and support it can generate, the masses have a voice and when people think that something is unfair it gets highlighted very quickly using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. And the trial of Paul Chambers has sparked an international revolt with tweets of support trending world wide as well as in the UK.

Paul Chambers tweeted in anger and frustration that Robin Hood Airport was closed and he would give them a week to sort it or blow it up. This has led to a trial and retrial of the trainee accountant who has now been found guilty and fined £1,000 for “sending a menacing electronic communication”.

In support of Paul Chambers the Twitter Community have been Tweeting their support using the hashtag #TwitterJokeTrial, this has sparked off a separate Hashtag where people have been sending Tweets of Paul’s original message with the hashtag #IAmSpartacus.

The theory behind the #IAmSpartacus hashtag is that if thousands of people Tweet the offending message they can’t all be prosecuted highlighting the unfairness of the verdict.


So many people have been tweeting this message and messages of support has meant the hashtag #IAmSpartacus is trending worldwide closely followed by the hashtag #TwitterJokeTrial.

We will see how the courts react to the defiance shown by the Twitter community, will thousands of people be prosecuted? Stephen Fry, an influential Twitter user has kindly offered to pay the £1,000 fine.

Social Media is a very powerful tool and when used in ways like this can be very influential, no doubt some response has to be made by the courts as it has gotten too big to ignore. This form of protest could do away with traditional and often dangerous protests as people who had previously been unheard are given a voice.

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