Tis The Season ... Are you ready for Christmas shoppers?

Tis The Season … Are you ready for Christmas shoppers?

By Sadie on October 30, 2015


The Christmas season is upon us, shops are selling Christmas cards and wrapping paper and people are thinking about Christmas presents. Christmas is just around the corner and so are the 6 biggest shopping days of the year Рare you ready?

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Manic Monday, Panic Saturday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day are huge shopping days for savvy shoppers online and offline. Now is the time to be thinking about how you will capture this traffic and generate sales.

The growth of these shopping days is growing, the below graph shows the increase in sales from 2013 to 2014, with Panic Saturday (the Saturday before Christmas day) bringing in 1,200 million in sales revenue. This trend is expected to grow as marketing around these ‘days’ increases and UK shoppers wait for deals based on previous years’ sales and trends.

growth of key shopping days Christmas

UK websites saw huge spikes in traffic last year on these days, this is people searching with intent to buy and as your competitors are capturing this traffic, you need to make sure you are marketing and building up loyalty to make sure you get the traffic and sales on your site.

uk traffic black friday cyber monday 014

Your Christmas Marketing Strategy

6 big shopping days in November and December, 6 opportunities to sell direct but the work doesn’t happen on those days it needs to be put in now.

If you haven’t started your Christmas marketing strategy, you still have time to get things moving but you need to act quickly.

Social Media

Although the un written rule is not to talk about Christmas until after Halloween, you should still have your strategy mapped out, what posts and what content will you be sharing in the run up to Christmas. Will you have any offers, we you be running any competitions to capture email data or remind people of your brand and products.

Your social media should be reminding people who you are and building up trust so you are their first port of call when buying and also so any other marketing activities are reinforced through customer loyalty built up through social media.

You need to be producing the right content to be shared, whether it is fantastic images for Instagram, questions for Facebook, Xmas boards on Pinterest or funny tweets, you need to have a content strategy for your blog that ties in with all of your most popular social media platforms.

Email Marketing

If you have an eCommerce site you should be sending out regular emails for repeat customers to build up brand loyalty. If they have bought from you before they are more likely to buy from you again, especially as an existing user is is easier and quicker to complete the sale.

If you are new to email marketing you should be collecting emails from existing customers, newsletter sign ups, social media competitions or offers all for email marketing. Many brands will send a taster email out prior to these big Christmas shopping days as a trust exercise and brand re introduction.

On the day the media always picks up on the black Friday and cyber Monday sales, so email a discount code or some of your best offers. You can get vert specific with your email data lists, segmenting them to specific audiences based on demographic, location, and previous sales and these often have great results in click throughs and conversions, however on these big shopping days a discount code or specific offer will often get people clicking through.

You can track your email marketing through Google analytics and your email platform, we recommend MailChimp but others are also good and can be integrated to a lot of CRMs.


Your SEO needs to be in place for all your products and the home page, this should have been considered months ago. You may want to look at gaining links by doing outreach to bloggers who are writing gift guides at the moment, this could help boost your link profile but could also bring you referral traffic and sales. For some influential bloggers a unique discount code could help incentivise and track sales.

If you are not using PPC then you may want to consider running a few campaigns over the festive period as this is when a lot of people will be searching with intent to buy. You can also run ads on Facebook for specific demographics. Brand and product exposure at this time of year is very important as it could bring you new customers.


Reward your existing customers to help them come back, offer loyalty points for social shares, reviews, offer discount codes for existing customers only or social media followers.

There are many loyalty plug ins that can make this very simple on Magento or other eCommerce websites, customers like to be treated well and rewarding loyalty can get you lifetime sales and referrals.

These are the biggest shopping days this quarter and for some clients can generate the largest portion of their annual revenue so if you have an eCommerce website you can’t afford to miss out your Christmas marketing.