Tips to keep your Blog interesting and relevant

Tips to keep your Blog interesting and relevant

By Joanne on October 22, 2010

SEO writers block

Most SEO companies will recommend you keep your website up to date and relevant and the easy way to do this is through a blog or news platform, but finding interesting things to write about can be very difficult.

Some companies just don’t have the time to write new and relevant content every day and so will get content writers to update their blogs for them. This is great if you have the money as a professional content writer will find interesting and relevant subjects in your industry to write about and will make sure the content is well written, unique and mentions your keywords often enough to be good for SEO.

Prefessional content writers will take the pressure out of keeping your blog up to date and within a short space of time you will see additional traffic comeing to your website. A preofessional content writer will also make sure they have included relevant Keywords, Tags, META descriptions and Title Tags as well as including internal linking based on a keyword map.

However not everyone has the budget to pay for content writing services so how do you think of articles to add to your website and blog? It is usually easier for website owners to update their site at first as they know their industry and will be able to talk about their products and services as a start but when you are updating the site every other day or more frequently you will find that you soon start to run out of inspiration.

Answer Questions

Do you have many frequently asked questions in your industry? If so this is a great way to get traffic as many users will use a search engine and ask a question that they want answered. If you have the question as your title and a properly formated publishing platform then the chances are these questions will feature quite highly in the Search Engines.

By answering these questions such as’ how do you install a product’ or ‘what is better x or y’ and provide a good well thought out answer you will be offering advice which from the users perspective will mean they trust you more for helping them.

You may have particular observations in your industry that you can comment on and in the same way as answering questions you can write up these observations.

SEO Creative often offer advice guides for common problems, this way we can direct people to our site or even refer to them ourselves when coming across the problem again and again. We find our blog on managing you website using wordpress is very popular for people searching for advice, it is also useful to direct our clients to when we have just built a wordpress blog for them, the same goes for Magento Ecommerce – adding products to the homepage.

Use Google Alerts

If you are updating the site and focusing on particular keywords then a good tip is to set up alerts for these keywords in Google news. These alerts will be emailed to you as they are picked up by Google News and will contain relevant and up to date industry news.

The trick is to read these through and put your own spin on them, either a response to the original article (which it is courteous to credit) or write your own opinion of the facts from this news update. When using this method you know that the news will be relevant to your SEO campaign and wil have opportunities for internal linking using keywords as anchor text to the pages you are optimising.

Up to date news is a great way of keeping your customers interested, they will feel more confident that you are up to date in any industry standards. Also in this economy if a site hasn’t been updated for months and months some customers may be worried that the company may have gone bust, so keep your site up to date so people know you are still going strong.

Good luck and for any help with you blog or SEO campaign please contact SEO Creative and talk to one of our experts about how we can help you.