Tips to improve your Social Media Marketing

Tips to improve your Social Media Marketing

By Joanne on April 7, 2010

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Social Media Management

Falkon Digital have put together a few tips to help you improve your social media presence and engage with your target audience. Social Media Marketing should not be overlooked as part of your digital marketing strategy, however, many companies feel that by having a social media presence is enough to do well in this area.

Social Media networks are a brilliant place for companies to engage with their target demographic, a lot of companies feel that by just being on Facebook and Twitter than they are ticking the right social media boxes. This is very short sighted and you can improve your social media marketing (SMM) results by engaging in conversation and working on your pages and making them more appealing.

Social media  fans or followers are more likely to engage with your site is approachable and has signs that you understand the way they work. With social networks taking off as much as they have the chances are most of your visitors will have a facebook page, Twitter profile etc so by displaying icons and links to your companies pages will refer them to this and show them you understand the way they think, work and are up to date in the current trends.

Here are a few tips to help you improve your SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Make it easy

The internet has a fast pace and users are used to clicking around sites without having to look too hard, making your site easy to use and your social media icons more accessible will encourage users to click through and become a fan. Twitter and Facebook icons are well known and having them on your site will add an element of trust. Having bookmarks and share icons on your site will make it easier for your visitors to post and share your content with their friends. Different demographics respond to different social media bookmarks, such as sphinn, delicious, myspace and Twitter all of which will appeal to different people, so find out what your target audience likes and use that on your website.

Fresh content

Fresh content is good from every aspect of online marketing, not only is it good for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) but users respond better to sites that are updated regularly. Social Media Participants are used to a fast pace of feeds and updated content so any user that finds your site through social media will expect nothing less. A site that hasn’t been updated in a long time will be boring to them. Use your blog to update your site on a regular basis and you can always feed your blogs RSS feed into Facebook and Twitter to show users of the site you are updating your content and drive traffic to the site.


At Falkon Digital we are always encouraging clients to engage with their audience, the best thing about social media si you are able to open conversations with potential clients and other businesses, it is this engagement that will set you aside from your competitors and help your social media marketing excel. Commenting on your business, sharing good links from other peoples sites we show that you are not just self-promoting and people will trust you more. This will also make you more approachable, some of our clients get more business enquiries through Facebook and Twitter than through their sites – make use of this.

Remember Social Media Etiquette

There are certain unwritten rules of social media etiquette that will help you do well, certain courtesy’s such as reciprocating links and comments, always credit the original posters and don’t spam. By sticking to these rules you will get a much better response and win more followers and fans.

Give Back

Reward your social media audience with putting their comments live and giving them special offers like discount codes etc. You can also get more fans by sharing advice and tips, use Twitter to search for keywords appropriate to your business if you see someone asking for help and advice then respond to them with an @. This way you can show your expertise and spread your brand.

Manage your online reputation

Social Media is an excellent way to manage your reputation online, you can search for mentions of your company and respond to good and bad feedback. If you are getting a lot of bad feedback you may need to look at more structured reputation management but social media can help you respond directly to dissatisfied customers and nip any problems in the bud before it gets out of hand.

Using social media to promote your business in the right way can set you aside from your competitors and make you more approachable, you can also generate more leads. It is, however, important to choose the right social media for your demographic or you could be wasting time and resources. For example, a professional service may not lend itself well to the informal structure of Facebook and would be more appropriate on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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