Tips for SEO Content Writers

Tips for SEO Content Writers

By Sadie on August 12, 2011

SEO content writing tips

A successful SEO campaign has many attributes, one of which is content writing. As Search Engines use the content on your website to identify the relevance of your site for particular keywords it is important to include SEO content writing within your SEO strategy.

Other than the basic SEO content that will remain constant on your page it is important to update your website with added products, reviews or news. This is good for SEO as it keeps the site updated and fresh as well as adding additional pages. However it can be difficult for content writers to think up subjects to write.

Here are a few tips for SEO Content writers:

  • Top Tips – Just as this blog is written to give advice it is also an easy way to think of fresh content, ‘Top Tips’ articles a concise, to the point and relevant which means they are good for SEO content as well as being informative and useful. A good top tips article will also be popular and encourage people to link to you as they a useful reference.
  • Plan ahead -If you use a blogging platform that has a scheduling tool, such as WordPress, then you can plan in regular blogs. You should try to keep your blog updated regurlarly so you need to be organised and have some blogs that are not time sensitive in reserve that can be added in or scheduled when you are not available to write or if you know you will be away.
  • Be topical – writing articles that are topical are a good way of getting traffic  as people will be searching for this subject and may come across your blog. It also shows you are up to date on the industry or current affairs. For example this weeks riots where very topical and the social media aspect was relevant to us therefore we  wrote about social media and the riots. However don’t write about something that is not relevant to the website you are writing for this will decrease the relevance of the site.
  • Write about complicated subjects in a series – if you are writing about something that requires a lot of detail then write about it more than once or put it in a series, this will bring people back to your site as well as give you plenty to write about. By tackling difficult subjects you will also show your knowledge in the industry.
  • Do ‘of the week’ up dates – this could be something like SEO tip of the week or photographer of the week- either way you could get a following of people who want to see the weekly update and gives you  good subject to keep coming back to and researching.
  • Use Google News/Blogs – type in the keyword to Google and hit the ‘news’ tab at the top of the page when the results are show. These will give you the latest news useful for subjects such as Photography or SEO.
  • Add the personal touch – bring the product or service back to the consumer how it would help, would you or your family like it. It is easier to write from experience so write what you know in relation to the subject.

These are just a few tips on writing regular SEO Content so there is no excuse for not keeping your website up to date, however if you don’t have time then you can use one of our Content writers, all English speaking as a first language and educated to degree and above.