There's Snow Buisiness like SEO Business

There’s Snow Business like SEO Business

By Sadie on

The Snow in the UK this week has left many people stuck in there homes unable to get to work, business aren’t able to open as staff can’t get into work, the airports have closed and the media are estimating that the snow could be consting the UK economy 1.2 billion a day. This is considering all the additional work that is needed from highway maintenance, and other services that are trying to get the UK back to business as well as the fact many business have come to a standstill.

In all this snow and freezing temperatures while other businesses have come to a standstill SEO and online marketing are making their money as more people turn to the internet for information, Christmas shopping and even just to relieve the boredom of being at home.

SEO is one of the few industries where trusted employees can still work from home and do a good job, some industries need their employees to come into the office every day but although it is good to come into the office for SEO it isn’t always necessary.

It is a good thing that SEO’s can work from home if necessary as Google will not stop caching your website just because there is a lot of snow so you till need to keep the site up to date. Also in times where people can’t leave the house or travel (especially this close to Christmas) means that more people are going online to buy items so the competition for those saught after top positions as it could mean a huge increase in revenue.

So while you are all having snow days spare a thought for your poor SEO working  on your site to get you the best listings.

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